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Versuri Morbid fate
- Impaled Nazarene

Cannot understand what's going on
He tells me to kill, to slay them all
To make them suffer, to make them die
The mask now controls, my weak mind.

Now I know it is a bit too late
Morbid fate - die in pain
Nobody helps me, cannot escape
Morbid fate, die in.. pain!.

[verse I:]
I - I am your master
I - I am your king
I - I rule your
mind - you belong to me.

Rape that bitch, make her bleed
Kill her child, suffocate him
Shoot that f***, rip his flesh
Tear his genitals, kick his head.

[repeat chorus].

[verse II]
He - he is my master
He - he is my king
He - he rules my
mind - I am him!!!.

I wear it now, feel my hate
I cut your throat, I exterminate
I am morbid, I am insane
I eat excrements, feel my f***.. blade.

[Repeat chorus].

[repeat verse I].

Face your morbid fate, hohohoo.. arrgghhh!!!