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Versuri Body-mind-soul
- Impaled Nazarene

C***, c***, c***..!
Body-mind-soul, in the night, levitation, wanna die!
Body-mind-soul, levitate, as you see, m******e!.

Body-mind-soul, as you see, levitation, what's your bleed?
M******, in the night, for everyone, wanna die!
Then you die, by my blade, evil souls, morbid fate!
Then you die, by my fate, what you will see, cannot escape!

Then you die, Satan's son, what you see? Evil ones!
Then you die, as you see, Satan's son, Satan's son!.

C***t.. c***.. ***t!.

Body-mind-soul, levitate, as you will see, your f***g fate!
Then you die, by my son, evil ones,
I am Soggoth!.


For everyone, it is now night
Then you die, wanna die!
All of you'll see, morbid fate,
Here we go, tomb awaits!
Satanic reign, take your life,
Demigod, wanna die!
Satan's son, Satan's son,
I am evil one!
Satan's son, Satan's son,
I am.. son, son, son!!