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Versuri Immortal Technique - F***k you

Get, yo, hands... up against the wall and spread them
Opposition I'll just stick them
F***k you (***k you) f***k you (***k you)
Un-der-stand, I'm not f***king around with you
Try to resist I'll dismiss you
F***k you (***k you) f***k you (***k you)

[Verse 1]
Basically I'm the worst nightmare you ever had
Think of a trigger happy nigga with a badge
Parading around Los Angeles (UH!)
High off coke with a banana clip
Feasting off the weak street of Angeles
With a manuscript at professional a*s whippin'
Task force, bra*s knuckles a master at a*s kickin'
If you ask for it I blast for it, your back flippin'
No one saw it, I won't stop the clock's tickin'
Got a rookie for a partner that's ready to FIGHT niggaz
The world's a merry-go-round of stereoTYPE niggaz
He's the spit in the face of a pitbull and BITE niggaz
Matter of fact, kinda like this cat for a WHITE nigga

[Hook x1]

[Verse 2]
I got the projects on lock, they trust my logic
Cause the star cops got it from guns to narcotics
My object is to deprogram, blind your optics
You cannot stop this mission, this topic
Cause you can write tickets my nigga or get paid
Learn this game in the streets and get slayed
Collect this cheese in the end of this maze, or
Hit the desk and fill out forms for days
Need I remind you, how easy it'll be to take
The city by storm with a whole force behind you?
Shotty in the trunk and on my ankle theres a nine too
Cause psychologically the gun you use will define you

[Hook x1]

[Verse 3]
These evil streets don't sleep becareful with who you mingle
In a city where it pays to be bilingual, cho so griefo
No may a porta u culo (si) via ah Diablo, I'm Five-O
Leave enemies dead on arrival, for a couple of mil'
And you're f***king the deal up, try to play hero cop
And you still suck, put you to bed, one in your head
You won't feel much

[Hook x2]

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