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Versuri Immortal Technique - Creation and destruction

trimise de FerruccioFerruccio.

Yeah... Haha...
Se ha cabado la mierda (The bullshit has finished)
Bout to drop a def' cut
Yo, yo, yo, huh

Immortal Technique desintegrates mics when I spit
I cause more casualties than sunken slave ships
Bolt to capacity, I bring tragedy to rap without my man Khaddafi
The government took Nazy scientists from Germany
To design nuclear rockets as ways of observing me
'Cause their pathetic attempts didn't work to murder me
When this country was conceived bastards never heard of me
But now I'll hold the souls of slave masters
Eternally, bleeding internally, burgundy, doin' surgery verbally,
'Cause I'm a spiritual which devils are incompatible
I've been around since the planet was inhabitable
I spit in the ocean, and created microscopic animals
Which evolved into two species, the righteous and the cannibals,
But until then, I had alien women suck me off,
When God said "Let there be light" I turned it the f***k off,
And that's the reason why the Earth is only five bilion years old
I made the sunshine, and permitted time to unfold,
The surface was lava, but when I stepped down, it became cold,
F***k what you've been told,
My spiritual form became a swarm of molecule sickness
Manifested liquid trapped inside a mountainous region
Until the skies starting raining, continuous seasons,
Immortal Technique, a long last reincarnated,
Undebatebly reinstated to leave you decapitated,
Je suis fous, but my crazy words make sense,
I'll split every pound in your body into six pence
I'm sick of simple similes about The Sixth Sense
I'll leave your body drenched in the blood of all your ancestors
You'll never be at peace, like the souls of child molesters,
I'll cut you and bless your festering wounds with alcohol,
Drown you in a clogged toilet, in a public bathroom stall,
I'll rip you down, take a chunk of you home like the Berlin wall
This is the final call,
For all rappers that wanna brawl,
Immortal Technique, the wrong motherf***ker to diss
'Cause I allow God to let you motherf***kers exist!

Hahaha yeah, real oh
We about to crash somethin' now, yo
Yo, yo, yo

I'm the stronghold on your neck that doesn't let you breathe
Stronger than the fake image of God in which you believe
More dangerous than your ignorant a*s could ever perceive
A European virus, mutated in Africa overseas
Transported by mosquitoes and fleas to where you live
So lock yourself in your house with your wife and your kids
You're such a bitch, somebody probably made you out of a rib
My arrest record just scratches the surface of what I did
My bid locked me up and brought my life to an end
I was forgotten, abandoned by my bitches and friends
You don't want beef with people like me so don't pretend
I'll resurrect your aborted baby and kill it again
You get no props in hip-hop like feminine men
I'm iller than any plague God gave Moses to send
You wanna make amends, 'cause I'm the reason that the earth shakes
Burying your fam like Central American earthquakes!

Immortal Technique...
Harlem to Canada...
Lyrically damager...
... Te dije que se ha cabado la mierda (I told you the bullshit would end)

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