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Smooth - versuri Iio |

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Versuri Iio - Smooth

trimise de MadaliciuMadaliciu.

Honey, love, honey look what you do to me
I can't think, I can't act, the way I use to be
Got no choice just your voice sends me thru the roof
I'm a mess, I confess it's because of you

Ref: Ooohhh... shook me up so quickly
Uuuhhh... bend me like a smooth breeze

Smooth like the air I take you into me
You're all I crave, everything within me
Just like the air you're there around me
Smooth everywhere you're still you make me fall

Turn around, take me down 'til you feel the moves
Come on in and again we can make the grooves
Close you're eyes not so much
Just to see a light
Run away to escape you're around me
By my side


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