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Versuri Ice Cube - Three strikes you in

trimise de GermanottaGermanotta.

One mo' strike and I'm through, nigga
Bottom of the ninth swingin, for my life
I'm up at the plate, goin for the gate
They got my moms seated in section eight
Been on deck since my last felony
I'm that 0 for 2 mothaf***ka
With the Louisville Slugger
Shay Whitie, that left hand punk
is on the mound and he comin wit dat off-speed junk
Its the Westside Hustlaz, vs these LA Pigs
You can say the damned vs the nigs
My little homies in the dugout
They lookin' sad, cuz fourteen niggas done struck-out
My first offense was possession of weed
Now I'm in the major leagues and
that mothaf***ka Bill Clinton-is a son of a bitch
had the nerve to throw out the first pitch
I'm just tryin' to get rich like Trump
The Home Run king is now in a slump, pass me a hunk
How the f***k can I stay out the pen
When its one-two-three strikes you in

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