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Versuri Ice Cube - If i was f***g you

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[Intro - 'Big Worm' talking]
Yeah that's cool
Er, everything closed so we just
We might as well just go straight to the hotel
And just get some rest
Let me slide this dick up on in ya

[Verse 1]
[Ice Cube]
If I was f***g you right about now
You'd have a dick stuck in you (yeah)
Have to go brag to your f***g crew
On how this rap nigga dick you down
Tenderised them guts and didn't have to kick you down
Who this bitch nigga wit' you now?
Do we know about your X-files?
And your s*x styles?
And all the niggaz that you think about f***g
And the s***t you know you really wanna do when we buzzin' (hahaha)

If I was f***g you, s***t, it'd be like drama (yeah)
And you might get tripped on by my baby mama (hey mac)
So do what I tell you and everything'll be alright
You're cute as f***, plus that a*s is tight (hype)
Get the f***k on 'fore these niggaz start to fight
I can see it in your eyes, you wanna f***k tonight
Give head and everything, she got a fool in love (fool)
Gave it up to me, a gangsta, after the club

[Mr. Short Khop]
If I was f***g you, I'd be pakin the p***s
The horny weight dick gettin' laid is for chips
Bitch I'm tryina' make grips
Him in with the trojan pack 'o six
Hin the gin and juice the mix
No time to pause, gots to drop draws
Prep though a a*s-spanking', breakin' down walls
With tactics, nigga used two prophylactics (double-up)
Hit the twat chopper style
Bang it up back (echo)

If I was f***g you (echo)
(overlapping) ooh, oo, yeah, a, ahh, uhh, uh, come on

[Verse 2]
[Ice Cube]
If I was f***g you, you'd be like f***k everybody
Cube, this p***y yours
Washin' dishes, rubbin' floors
Doin' chores for a nigga
Open doors for a nigga
Ridin' shotgun, holdin' forty-fours for a nigga
At the motelly, got you on your belly
In come morcelli
Niggaz calling K-Mac, bitches calling Kelly
Do it like Arthur Fonzarelli, hit the lights
So we can try to reform these potential dykes

If I was f***g you, you'd be spendin' all your dough (yeah)
Buying nigga s***t, that you don't even know (mm)
Credit card maxed-out
Bank account tapped-out
Writin' bad cheques (hahaha)
When I call you break your neck
You do whatever please me, runnin' burs while I take it easy
Will as you do whatever, live your life just to please me
These buster-a*s niggaz make the s***t so easy
(He was f***g me?) for sheazy

[Mr. Short Khop]
If I was f***g you, I'd let the homies f***k too
Run up in the guts, bust nuts and we're through
Have you fiendin'
Cooch screamin, needin' cleanin'
Creamin', tag-teamin', suckin' semen
Keep it low, put it in your grill cos you love me
With video footage of you giving nigga scully (got you)
Hold it till you choked off the bitch then got gut
And roll one to smoke, grab my s***t and shake my spot


['Big Worm' talking]
Nineteen inches of complicated funk. hahahaha
Ango urgin', probably be vomiting dick for a week though
Suckin' on semen, hahahahahahah...
Hmmm... be careful what you wish for, you just might get it

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