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Versuri Ice Cube - Ghetto vet

trimise de Alin_213Alin_213.

niggas used to come and get me
when it was time to disagree with an enemy
pa*s the hennessy it gives me energy
packed the gat in the small of my back
where these niggas at I clear the whole pack
talkin' s***t cuz I'm down for my set I'm a vet
smokin' on a wet cigarette
(who these niggas think they are)
(wishin' on a ghetto star i represent my tar)
I start bustin' and they scatter like water bugs
cuz these westside niggas is harder thugs
enslve us but nothin' can save us from sportin' Ben Davis
shootin' at your neighbors
(cuz sometimes I feel like a nut don't give a f***k when I open ya up)
hot rocks fly from the back seat and
busta a*s niggas run like a track meet
an if you crawl in the middle bleed mo' than a little (what)
killer king is the hospital
feelin' numb from the bullets I hum
and when they hit black mothers have fits I don't give a s***t

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