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Versuri Ice Cube - Dirty mack

trimise de KotydekotyKotydekoty.

There's a new girl on my street
And I might introduce her to mack me
Told my homeboy I was scoping hoping
To crack them legs wide open
Ready to break that banging a*s
Get it with the shad
Take a bath in her mouth yeah
Better keep the trojan
And if the s*x was good still be the whole frame
F***d around and told my plan to the man
Sitting next to the god damn men
How was I to know son
That the nigg' blow with one and told the 4-1-1
With a big fat grand
Talking 'bout all the w****s that I ran up in
Broke a nigga plan like dishes
Cuz now the bitch is getting suspicious
She know I f***k w****s outa habit
Who framed Cube, mothaf***k Roger Rabbit!
Cuz I couldn't have and got stabbed in the back
By a black a*s dirty mack...

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