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Versuri Passenger
- I Mother Earth

Then I woke, seven whole days gone
The sunrise is perfect
Taking aim, changing colours while it burns
It made my stomach turn
It made me quite unsure
A lesser diamond on a road with no horizon
Then it comes.. I'm stardust.

When a day hasn't been torture let me know
I'll find a way up, celebrate, then wake up

On the ground
I may define disturbed
A mental village burned
Connect to silence, say a prayer, let go of the rope
Then let it come.

Now i'm done and I know
Because it hurts in all ways
In other words I am a passenger
A dream that's over.

I'll let your wild ocean
Hold my light while you're quite broken.. it's alright
I'll let the emotion roll my eyes
If not I apologize.

Now I'm done
For once in my life I hurt
A slow train has overturned
And I am a passenger
A dream that's over