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Versuri Husker Du - Lifeline

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I'm running out of time this time
This time i can't be late
I've got to find my destiny
Before it turns to fate

I feel so insecure, i feel so all alone
I need something, some possession of my own

I reach for what i want
I see it in my sleep
It's hard to get a hold of it
And it's twice as hard to keep

Someone help me lifeline

I grab the rope in front of me
It keeps slipping through my hands
I try to climb with all of my strength
But it trickles through like sand

This feeling's too secure, it's like a ball and chain
Yeah, i know there's something dragging in my brain

Now another rope appears
I've got it snug and tight
This is one that i can't let go of
No matter how i fight

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