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Versuri Wrist job
- Humble Pie

She was my sense of reason
Girl that lived here
Now she's gone and I'm alone
Well, my heart is cold
I can't control my soul
Tryin' to remember
Just try how it feels like living on your own
Well, yeah, now.

I wander through my darkness
And remember
All the love that I have seen
Don't fret my sweet
Deeper than heat
Oh, it was so long ago
Like somewhere that I've touched but never been
Well, yeah, ooh, ooh.

Well, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, I don't think, I don't think I can win

Yeah, is this to be my destiny
Oh, I'll stop and start again
Oh, yeah.

Can I help it?
I wanna remember
Was I a fool to sit and dream
Oh, help me over here
The way to going clear
Living for tomorrow
As dead as yesterday before its end
Hey, yeah..
Ooh, ooh..

Let me have some peace of mind
Let me feel I belong somewhere
I'm gonna leave it all behind
Leavin' to the country.