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Versuri Howard Jones - Blue

Lay at my side and shut out the world
Warm this cold heart and wrap me in love
Pour magic into a space made for you
Lifetimes of longing are to live through
Blue blue blue blue blue blue
All of my life i've hungered for you
All my lost days of dreaming are through
Riding the clouds on a mission of schemes
Now you are here oh how simple it seems
Blue blue blue blue blue blue
Blue is my world cold is my name
Love was my problem with no one to blame and you
Taught me how to see light shine in me
Light is reflected so easily
I said blue no more blue don't say good-bye
You leave me breathless with nothing to say
Turned me burned me and blew me away
And if you leave like a ghost without trace
This night of love means a world i can face
Blue blue blue blue blue blue
Holding you close timeless together
Heaven just spoke freeze this moment forever and
All other images fall from my eyes
Love you have come to me straight from the skies
I said blue no more blue
I said blue no more blue don't say good-bye
I will always know that love can live

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