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Versuri Houston - She is

[Verse 1]
Girl i wouldn't think a year ago
That you'd make me feel this way
And you know it's not that often girl
That you make me wanna say
That i'll cool on you i wanna do
Anything that you might say you want me to
You got my dough, my time, it all belongs to you

I like it, I want it
I wana rock with you girl
I need it, can't front it
So come on now what you say
I like it, i want it
You put me in the mood girl
I need it, can't front it
So come on now what you say

[Verse 2]
See you got me trippin out
Got me thinkin bout a long term thing
And you got me open girl
Now i'm searching for rings n thangs
I'm so cool on you my word is true
Cant tell me girl that you dont feel it too
I got my hooks on you so let me prove it
Words cannot explain
What im seeing
Visions in my mind of you and I the mornin after


All i know
Is I cant afford to see and lose you
all i know
All my dough
Is meant to pleasure you
So wont you let me make it up for you shorty what you say

[til the end]

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