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Versuri House Of Pain - Punch drunk

You know I rock microphones
Like they got back bones
And I'll roll on your shore like some bisquit dough
Yea you study writin' styles off the next man's flow
Think your Jackson
But your name ain't Bo
I'm only hittin' chick fine as Madalin Stowe
Got a closet in my crib where the hydrophonic grow
Act like you know
Lee toast the chronic
It ain't the season
The reasons strictly economic
So pour the jinn and tonic
Pump the Tony Bennet
If wifey ain't watchin' then I'm runnin' up in it
I'll make ya hot and spicy like some wavos rancheros
Then hit the Knicks game with my man Don Terros
And if the Knicks are winnin'
Then Spike Lee's grinnin'
Next I hit the spot with Stretch Armstrong spinnin'
Sippin wiskeys to my favorite cuts
Watchin' all the earthpieces shake their butts
Some People think I'm nuts 'cause I act a little funny
But play me soft I'll beat ya down like ya stole money

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