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Versuri House Of Pain - Legend (extended mix)

I walk through the valley of death, 600 deep
Waking up dead from the sleep
Just like a diamond
Watch me shine
Bright like the sun
Make you wanna pull a gun
And buck 2 shots
For the peckerwood rockin'
Put down your glock
Or your block, I'll be knockin'
And dead off your shoulders
Head will roll
Peckerwood P
Funk assassin of soul
Is in control
So have no fear
I'm in this for real
Make it crystal clear
I get a little better each and every year
It's called improvement
Your style's a bowel movement
I'm taking you back to mount CulMcClarin
My whole family's stoned but there aint one sharin'
So whatcha looking at
Huh, why you starin'
Just take a picture
Before I have to hit ya
Ease back kid, gimme some space
Or Whoop there it is upside your face

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