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Versuri House Of Pain - I'm a swing it

[Chorus 1]
On and just on, and [x10]

I'm a swing it
Wach me bring to the next level
To grab DeNevel's
Getting funky like the devil
Brothers from the Bijou
So why you wanna trip
Just play the side lines
Kid, and wait for me to slip
Cause I can feel it in the ait tonight
But yo I'm not Phil Collins
Or, unlike Henry Rollins
Cause I'm search and destroy
You wanna toy wit the plot
Tryin to get what I got
You might get- shot
Hot damn manna's son
Ya got ebonics
They teach ya how to write
I'm writing like I'm hooked on phonics
Mother goose aint got s***t on me
Cause I'll get loose at the jam
And wreck the whole party
I make 'em jump and mosh
Oh my gosh
Just slammin in the pit
While I'm kickin my s***t
They buggin in the isles
Cause I got madd styles
And aint a damn thing funny
I get money in piles
Some poeple thought I'd die
Thats just a rumour, though
Others thought I'd follow up
But now I'm numero-
Uno, Dos, not Quatro
Word to Kool Keith
I'm a break up ya teeth

When I die, Bury me (me)
Hang my balls on the cherry tree (tree)
Let them git ripe
Then take a bite
And if they don't taste right
Then dont blame D

You need to quit swingin,
The styles that I'm bringin
The Funk knuckled dragon
Who gits on the wagon
I'm not the 12 stepper
Dont play me like a lever
My mike sounds nice
But it's not salt and pepper

Well it's the man
With the plan
To get all your skins
The tip on my dick
Is where the line begins
Wit all those former lines
Take off that swine
I'll git your a*s Butt-naked
Lets see if you can take it
Cause I'll make you feel
Like a natural woman
Cause I keep it comin
I'm the everlastin'
Free style a*sasin
With soul in my goal
Is to bring a little pa*sion
To your girl's life
like the daily soaps
Throw down on the bed
And tie her up with ropes

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