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Versuri Hoodie Allen - All about it

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[Hook, Hoodie Allen]
Cause I got soul
And I won't quit
And your dad don't like it when I talk my s***t
Cause I'm all about it baby
I'm all about it baby
Staying up late just to pass the time
And your parents don't like it when you and I getting high
But I'm all about it baby
I'm all about it baby

[Verse 1, Ed Sheeran]
I'm not a rapper just a singer with a game plan
I play guitar no need to worry bout my Drake hand
80, 000 people in front of the stage, damn
Waiting for the sun to shine just to rock these ray
I just wanna leak s***t (what?)
Not literally leak s***t
Wanna push the music through the speakers
Double shot glass, I'm in the back of the pub
My mate Jason at the bar screaming "Who want what? "
Now, please be warned
That every song I feature on
Has capacity to be reborn
I said that anything can happen when I pick up a pen
But now I'm all about love so won't you say it again
I said I used to be the shy type
Backpack on my back on public transport sort of guy type
Now I'm in the lime light
Tryna get my mind right
Body clock is in the clouds so often guess it's high time
Hoodie sing the line like

I'm not a singer I just rap pretty
So now my fan base is full of Megan's and Ashley's
And they're wondering if there's room for them to get in my buzz
And I'm like naturally baby let me find a spot in the front
For you, and for your friends
You can be mine, we can pretend

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