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Versuri Hoobastank - Paper promises

trimise de Magda_JhonMagda_Jhon.

We were once
So good together
So close we couldn't see
What's up ahead
Another one will
Give you pleasure
Then you'll turn
Your back on me
Don't tell me lies
I've heard them all before
You're never gonna change
Don't tell me why
I'm not interested in
What you have to say
Now trouble seems
To seek you out
Attracted by the void
That's left in you
So when you've had
Enough of living without
I hope you'll look within
But you won't so
You take one step forward
And two steps back
But this time
You're all on your own
Prove to me that I'm not
Wasting time on you
And all your paper promises
When you say that
You've had enough
With all the trouble
That you've been facing
Why can't you
Show that to me?
Why can't you
Show that to me?

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