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Versuri No. 5
- Hollywood Undead

trimise de Alexa_Rulz9Alexa_Rulz9.

Tha Producer:
And all the kids in the hood come on wave and shake your hands, Hollywood we never
going down. When your drunk shake that a*s like you know how to dance. Hollywood
we never going down.
Charlie Scene:
Start gettin loud i wanna party now, if you hate on Undead thats a party foul.
I only drink mickey's i cant afford the cans. I drink so much they call me Charlie
40 hands. if the keg is tapped, then your gettin capped, take your girl to the
sack and i'll take a nap. Ladies drink em fast so i could have a blast. you
got your beer gog's on and i'm gettin a*s. like oh my god is that Charlie
Scene ladies show me your treats like its Holloween. you got a fake I. D. and
you 17. Im a complete catastrophy buzzing around you like a bumble bee. So lets
take some shots, do a beer run and flip off a cop. Girls give me props and there
on my jock. Paris Hilton said thats hot when she saw my cock! thats hot!
The Server:
Im About to serve it up for all you party goers. Scene Kids, Meat Heads, Alchi's,
Stoners. Dancin around like a bunch of faggots, funnier than f***k you cab ask Bob Saggot.

I never claimed that I knew how to dance but Ill get drunk, get high, and pull down
my pants. So f***k 5 bucks just fill up my cup. Dont kiss me bitch you just threw up.
Now im drunk as f***k about to pa*s out, Destination your mothers couch. Dude is it
really true you screwed my mom? F***K YA BRO THAT P***Y WAS BOMB!!!! So im hopping
jumping sipping and skipping. Its nights like these that we all love living. So take
out your hands and throw the H. U. up. Now wave it around like you dont give a f***k.
check please!
Funny Man and Da Kurlzz:
Cant stop wont stop charlie make the booty drop
Cant stop wont stop Server make the booty drop
Cant stop wont stop J make the booty drop
Cant stop wont stop Shady make the booty drop
Cant stop wont stop Kurlzz make the booty drop
Cant stop wont stop Funny make the booty drop
Cant stop wont stop let me see the panties drop, producers on the floor let me see your
booty pop.
Grab your drink, Get on the floor!
Grab your drink, and Get on the floor!
Lets dance in the Hood, shake that a*s Hollywood