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Versuri Johnnie's in the bathroom
- Hole


Dear Diary,
I was standing in a bus stop today and they must have known I wanted to be
a model, so I'm gonna call them tomorrow. Won't be long before I'm in all
the big rock videos. The most incredible thing happened to me in Odella last
weekend; that's why I'm writing. You see, I met this guy..

Hey, wow
Wow, what's going on up there?
Did you have dinner yet?
Who wants dinner when you can get a goddamn good dick up your a*?
Oh, I need you girl
I need you girl
You need me, boy?

Yeah.. yeah, I need you too
I need you too, baby.

Dear Diary,
I can't write a lot; Johnnie's in the bathroom. I met him in Shasta tonight
and he's just incredible. He's got this long, straight, black hair and he
wears all this silver jewelry, velvet pants, black boots, etc.

I love your big muscles
It's a lickable p***y
Hi baby, how you doin?
Well, all y'all want some p***y?
Well, all y'all grab on the Soul Train line and get it
.. guitarist for the Black Band Babies and we went in a doghouse..

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