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Versuri Hilary Duff - Dignity

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You got the hottest shoes (you got it)
You got those Jimmy Choe's (you got it)
You never get the blues
Its always All about you

You Tell me that I'm glue
better check that phone theres a club to close
And i Change for good
And I Over it With You

Change, show me your Dignity
Not play with my own fantasy
Trust in you, don't trust Her
I'm the perfect girl

You have a Stu*** band
That calls GC, you write songs about me
Please get a Dignity

Please change, show me your dignity
Not play with my feelings
Trust in you, don't trust on Her
I got this song for show you!
My dignityyyyyyyyyy......

You think that I'm a common person
You don't know that I'm in Love now
With a real boy
That you never going to Meet
Because he is important to me
Is not you is not me

Dignity, dignity, oh my Dignity
Oh oh oh Please

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