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Versuri Helena Paparizou - Seven days

trimise de Al3xandra_9014Al3xandra_9014.

I hope you'll find
A little peace in your heart
Cause you will need it
Since we went apart
I can't sleep at all
It'a never ending
As long as you
Are better than my broken heart
I will survive it
Cause no one has ever touched me
The way that you did
I'm in my own frustation

R: Seven days and seven nights
One week is more than
I cand take
I'm loosing it all
I'm a fool without you baby
Seven days and seven nights
I don't understand
How to make it right
I've been constantly aware of you
For seven days and seven nights

I have hope in my heart
As i'm counting the days
Forgot the numbers
And as the days go by
I'm loosing my faith
I'm getting under the ice
Because the things I said
That made you leave me
Too late to change it
A wisdom for life
I'm in my own frustration


I'll keep waiting for an answer
Even if i know the truth lays
Deep inside my heart


by al3xandra_9014... :P

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