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Versuri The truth
- Hed Pe


"The Truth".

Tell the children the truth..

Your p***y band sounds just like s***t
You're not punk rock
You're more like a punk trik
You corporate m*********s all suck a dick
I'm an anti-*********n social independent.

F***k the life
I don't want a thing
You buy - you sell - you suck - you pig.

F***k the world
You're a lost consumer
You buy - you sell - you suck - you pig.

You sold your time, your soul to Cosmo

In love with a name tag
How bout this toe tag
You got raped by the fags on TV
And the TV got raped by the FCC.

F***k the life..

How do you bite the hand that feeds?
How can I walk away?.

I can't let them get away with this!.

No I'm not just a nigga
I'm a punk rock nigga
So you know I got nothin to lose
I'd rather pull the trigga
And take away my own life
Before I hand it over to you.

F***k the life..

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