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Versuri Represent
- Hed Pe

(hed) p. e. Lyrics.


Let's get this s***t started.

Yeah where my dogs at
Get your drinks up
Your joints out
Ladies pull your t**s out
Come on.

Bounce Bounce Bounce.

Bitch - what - Bitch - I don't get a - f***k
All my dogs - smokas - my soljas
Let's ride - never - ever say die - come on.

But you don't hear me though
I don't give a f***k.

I can't hear you
F***k you!!.

They say I can't talk about s*x no mo
But that don't mean that I won't titty f***k and wreck this ho
Shoot a shot a jager and undress this ho
I roll a joint and smoke it while I beef inject this ho.

They say I need to sing to sell more records yo
Keep it clean and write some lyrics more respectable
You faggots need to gargle on these testacles
This is punk rock bitch - I'm a spectacle.

But you don't hear me though
I don't get a f***k..

Go ahead p***y let your radio play the same 15 songs that you hear e'ryday
Go ahead p***y keep cryin about your bitch
While you listen to that silly faggot pop punk s***t
Go ahead p***y keep talk that s***t
When I see you on tour - you'll be cryin like a bitch

Go ahead faggot - keep playin those games
I'ma tear that p***y up - I'ma let my nuts hang.

But you don't hear me though
I don't give a f***k..

Motherf***ker don't take no s***t.

Make a choice motherf***ker make a choice
They can't silence the voice of a rebel.

I'm talking American made hand grenades
Home grown Russian AK47s adapted now - fully automatic
Start the revolution
Let these commies f***king have it.

Bitch - what - Bitch - I don't give a - f***k.

All my dogs - smokas - strippers - soljas
Let's ride - never, ever say die - come on.

I came back cause the youth gotta hear this
The FCC - the corporate faggots - fear this
This time I will not be silent
I cloak myself in the flag and the First Amendment
JFK - Malcolm X meant it
When John Hancock signed it - he meant it
Abe Lincoln - Bob Marley meant that s***t
And my dogs represent that s***t.

But you don't hear me though
I don't give a f***k..

Don't let these motherf***kers brainwash you
They lie in the truth
They lie in the truth.

Rise up!!.

Your motherf***kin time is up.

F***k you!!

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