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Versuri Raise hell
- Hed Pe


"Raise Hell".

If you think it's too loud
Bitch - get the f***k out
If you wanna slow down
Bitch - get the f***k out
If your a*s ain't with me
Get the f***k out..

We raise hell bitch
We don't give a f***k
All you p***y motherf***kers shut the f***k up.

I knock yo hed back
I let that s***t bang
I make your heart jump

Like you was on c*****e.

Stop actin like a bitch
Why you acting like a bitch
Let a bitch suck a dick
and get the f***k in the pit.

If you think it's too loud..

It's another homicide
So let my s***t play
I chop your hed off
Like my name was Ojay.

Stop actin like a bitch...

I don't care about s***t!!!

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