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Versuri Chicken
- Hed Pe



Well it gets so hard to keep my hed up
This time I just won't let up
You talk too much
I'm fed up
I bust yo lip - can you get up.

I told you - I'd get you
What made you think I'd let you
Get away with murder
I bet you knew you'd see the day you regret you
ever f***d with me
Come and get me
F***k with me
You will rest in pieces
Never mind what she says
Eat these cheerios - make grilled cheeses
Then I will whoop yo a*s
I'ma f***k your sister
Can you spell relief?
I can P-U-S-S-Y.

Can you guess how I get so hi?.

I can't take how you bring out the worst in me
You get the best of me
I can't let you get to me.

Move - bigger they come
Move - harder they fall
War - sometimes you've gotta stand up and fight.

This homicide was premeditated
My alibi cannot be faded
By the time they find the body

Me and my deejay rock the block party
Deejay please rock the Bob Marley
Let's tap the keg and get started
This weed makes me feel retarded
This beat's funky as a stripper who farted.

Yea - see how they fall
One by one my enemies crawl
Let God sort em out
Kill em all.

Trench coat mafia - sequel at the mall
I just won't shut up
Until you get the f***k up
I told you I won't let up
My skateboard - your face
Can you get up?.

I can't take how you bring out the worst in me..
I can't take how you're constantly testing me.

You get the best of me
Why won't you just leave me alone.

Bigger they come
Harder they fall
Sometimes you've got to stand up and fight.

Chicken - no I'm not movin
Chicken - get outta my f***kin way
Chicken - no I'm not losin.

Motherf***ker just walk away
Before you fall.

Wake up - stand up and fight

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