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Versuri Boom
- Hed Pe

Nobody move, nobody get hurt
Somebody don't know, so that body got burnt
You in the jungle baby, you gonna die
Might as well get f***, might as well get high
On the real son, I'mma take everything I need, the drugs, the s*, the power,
the American dream
I'm a rude, rude boy raised by TV
I laugh at violence, pain and death don't mean s***t to me.

It's got to be like that
Call me a looser
Yo I can deal with that
You think you all that, till I lay you on your back, with your legs spread
Ha - Boom! How you like that?
How you like that [3X]
Can you feel me?.

How many motherf***kers, just like me
Grew up just like me, f***d up just like me
Wake up, light up, watching BET

F***g babies mothers from Jersey to Cali
Don't get mad, get high, go get even, go get your s***t back,
then tell that lying ho you leaving
I smoke weed, I drink wine
Take your daughter to my tour bus and f***k her from behind.


You were never there, when I was down
Like when I needed someone, you were nowhere to be found
I remember the sound of your heartbeat
I remember how you found something good in me
Now I remember how you started f***king with me
You kept fronting on me, always trying to pull something with me
S***-this ain't no game to me
This s***t is life to me, and you ain't living right baby.


Can you feel me?

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