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Versuri Amerikan beauty
- Hed Pe


"Amerikan Beauty".

Back door in the club
I'm not lookin for love
I'm lookin for a big butt
To squeeze on these nuts
I'm not tryin to think too much
I'm just tryin to get f***d and drink too much.

Lil bitch - don't be so serious
Don't get mad cuz your girls wanna be with us
In the club - show love
Have a drink on us
"Hey yo dog I think this girl wants to get f***d".

Hey Daddy can I talk to you
Daddy I'm only seventeen
But I know just what to do
At the club
Fools pay big money for me
But Daddy you can get this lapdance here for free
I need love Daddy
Daddy give it to me
It's my birthday.

Ahhight - then let me see your I. D.
Cuz the last time I was fooled the bitch was just sixteen
Big a*s - big t**s - she looked at least twenty-three.

I'm going straight to hell.

If f***n you's wrong I don't wanna be right.

Hey baby girl
I know just what to do
I'ma slap your little a*s
Til it turns black and blue
Now ya put on these heels
and ya arch your back
And I'ma crack ya a*s in half
With my eight inch staff.

In my parents bedroom?
Yea - yea you know how we do it
On my Mamma's bed?

You go ahead and give me hed
While my Daddy's workin?
I got my own work to do
On the kitchen table?.

I popped the cherry of the high school senior
hed cheerleader
Baby girl's hungry - so Daddy gotta feed her
Inches - pull it out
Then she blew me
A teenage p***y is a thing of beauty.

I'm goin straight to hell...

If f***n you's wrong I don't wanna be right.

I could f***k your life away
Let me f***k your life away
I don't wanna be right
F***k you.

Jailbait - jailbait - jailbait - jailbait.

She was like
Damn what the f***k did you do to me?
I was like
Shut the f***k up - this ain't nothin new to me
She was like
You're suck a dick I hate you
I was like
Bitch shut up before I rape you.

I like f***n these ninety-pounders
I watch it go in
I feel like I'm Shaqueil O'Neill
and I'm f***n the Olson Twins.

It don't take much more than a nice butt
The slut smiles at me - the slut rides with me
In the back of the suburban
Leave the drivin to me.

Damn - I forgot to check that slut's I. D.

Those big-a*s-titties make it hard to see.

If f***n you's wrong - I don't wanna be right

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