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Versuri Under fire
- Heaven's Gate

Words that can kill in a blink of an eye
lies that can send you to hell
always been shadowed and trapped like a spy
there's always a story to sell.

Fairytales, born in a sick mind that never fails
longing for rising sales
but we will kick you to keep your claws
away from our life.

We're under fire
never the chance and time to clear it up
we're under fire
always abandoned and they will never stop

we're under fire
under the eyes of the gods.

Spreading opinions and lies on TV
trying to fool with your doubts
deaf man can't hear and the blind man can't see
be ready to face all your fear.


Why won't you open up your eyes?
why can't you hear the silent cries?.

[SOLO: Sascha / Bonny].


Why won't you open up your eyes?