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Versuri Rising sun
- Heaven's Gate

We cross the night, we see the light
and our dream comes true
we're gonna bring the power all over you
in our hands the promised land
we gonna take it all
the night awakes, do you hear the call?.

Now the time has come
and the spell is on the run
waiting for a sign
now we're on the line.

We cross the land of the rising sun
Hope we'll be all together
But we all gonna have some fun
And we can conquer all.

We turn you up, we bring you down
we gonna move around
we dim the lights, we power up the sound
you 're screaming high, you 're screaming low
you 're turning up the show
your feeling 's good and you don't wonder why.

[SOLO: Bonny/ Sascha/ Dirk/ Kai/ together]