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Versuri Dancin' on a rope
- Heaven's Gate

Who is playing with fire
who is climbing high and higher
who is dealing with his senses,
who dances.

Who can drive at breakneck speed
sits on the ejector seat
who is diving to deep places,
who faces.

Who is dancin' on a rope
who is sliding on the soap
who fights with all his power,
each hour.

And they sit all alone
they wanna hold their own

I hear their voices again and again
searching for another land.

Who can sleep on pointed nails
always wins and never fails
who can beat the highest
fever, deceiver.

Who is burning like a flame
who is always still the same
who is playing with your senses,
who dances.


Livin' on a rainbow
dancin' on a rope
livin' on a rainbow