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Versuri Back from the dawn
- Heaven's Gate

It's a long time ago when you had the feelin' to adore her
Did you know, did you know that it's a lie?
She was spreading into your life and tellin' she would love ya
Did you know it's cuttin' like a knife?.

Every single touch, every word of mouth
now you know that she's been fakin'
All the dirty lies turned you inside out
Now it's up to you for breaking away.

Breaking the chain
Get away, she's back from the dawn

You're feeling the pain
Watch out! Now she's back from the dawn.

In a world of shattered dreams
You're trying to protect
Did you know she utilized your care?.


Foolish behavior is piercing my brain
Don't know the difference of pleasure and pain.

There's no bed of roses
Just a bed of nails
No sense of security
in a love that never fails.

[Repeat 1st verse / BRIDGE / CHORUS]