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Versuri Atomic
- Heaven's Gate

Death an' terror is rulin' the land
peace is so hard to find
screams of pain bursting loud in the night
this madness is burning our mind.

War is eating us down to the bone
we're lying here dying alone
no point of view, a thorn in my eyes
World's face is turning to stone.

What is the sense of this dreadful game, can you say
people who're paying the price are always the same.

Time will see, what you 've done to me
are you too blind to see


Flesh is rotting all over the fields
dread is spreading unbound
nobody cared what the wise man said:
this world's going down to the ground.


Time will see, what you've done to me
are you too blind to see?
in my hand there is burning sand
is this the promised land?.

No one's fooling me, I know the truth
no one's paying us for our youth - no!.