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Versuri Haylie Duff - Diamond

trimise de Deea423Deea423.

Ohh... (Yeah Yeah)
Ohh... (Ohh)

Everytime I turn the T. V. on
See another pretty face on the screen
Feels like I'm not good enough
To be on the cover of a magazine
turn around
I look in the mirror
And I wonder if I'll ever measure up
All I want is someone to make it clearer
Am I ever gonna find the perfect love?

Then You break through the madness
And You tell me how it is

You're a diamond that shines
One of a kind
A shimmering radiant star
You're a flower in the rain
Wonderfully made
To shine like the sun
You're a diamond

(You're a diamond)
(You're a diamond)

Friends try and tell me just loose up a little
Gonna scare the good ones away
Get a look with a hook thats fundamental
Come on girl, you gotta get into the game
Something deep inside of me says
Are you sure that you really want to play?
Gotta trust your heart, and not your head
Instead of buyin into the masquerade

I'm not some decoration (decoration)
So won't You tell me how it ends?


Don't matter if they tell you how to live... (It don't matter)
Don't matter if they try and mold you... (What they tell you)
Don't matter if they say what beautiful is... (I'm not gonna let you tell me)
You're a diamond
Cause He already showed you

Your A
Your a

Shimmering radiant star


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