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trimise de JesikJesik.

music Jensen lyrics Jensen/Dolving

Two and twenty for the hole in you. A meat cleaver comb to run you
through. Lethal gas will make you cough. A car crash scene to finish it
off. Pain! True definition-Truth is pain-Truly addicted. So don't you
worry about your earthly rest, I'll dig the f***g hole myself. Pain!
Truly addicted-Life is pain-I am addicted-to this pain... Hate song!... (I live
to bury you)... Stabbing and shooting and ripping the life out of you. I get
off and I wish that you could too! Open chest tickle will quiver your
bones. Just lay back and chill. 'cos I run this show. Pain! Truly
addicted-Life is pain-Life is infected-by this pain...... Hate song!... (I live to
bury you)... There's no need to explain, you know who you are. I deliver the
pain, I'm the baddest by far... Die onehundredthousand times, One million
ways to... Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate song!
Lifelong! Hate song!

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