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Versuri Harry Belafonte - The ghetto

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If you ever lived in the ghetto
It may be at the close of your day
From your front-porch you can hear
The sound of the juke-box
Coming over from the neighborhood cafe

Oh at noon you may hear the neighbors fussing
When a kid, a little bit a kid breaks a window-pane
And at night, yes at night you may be awaken
By the sound of an outward bound train

Well outsiders they refuse, refuse to help us
And they down us for living the way we do
But when you born. when you born the child of a poor man
They say the ghetto is the only place for you

Well if there's such, such a thing as here-after
And I'm satisfy, yes I'm satisfy there may be
Oh when they build, when they build a new Jerusalem
There will be, there will be no more ghetto for you and me
I said there will be no more ghetto for you and me

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