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Versuri Auguste
- Harlequin Jack

trimise de HyalumHyalum.

I come to amuse
As the concepts defuse
As we ring the alarm
You fall right into our charm
As the sea parts in half
The pharaoh falls in the trap
And the world in our eyes
Was a stop-motion disguise
Because Heaven isn't real
It's a myth
A story I never believed
The gift you will never receive
The liberty thief
I will lead you into
The sandpit of time
No more despair
No more resign
We'll dance on the graves
Of the kings of the world
Dancing forever
Dancing until..

See the devil's grip is pulling tight
See the pleasures in the Crystal Night
The emperor is blind
The fallen throne
All of your gods are made of stone
All of the stars in the Universe
All of these magical fireworks
This is the decision of your life
Follow me into the light.

Creatures fall right out the sky
Spread your wings and join the fight
Temperatures rising rapidly
Changing the course of history
One little gasp and you collide
See the whole life before your eyes
See that you're losing everything
Spiraling, spiraling, spiraling, spiraling..

Have a pie in the face
It'll make you happy