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Versuri Something to say
- Harem Scarem

(Hess/Lesperance) Yesterday I had it all worked out to a "T"But now something's wrong between you and meI was wrong, so wrongTo think that I would staySeasons come and seasons goAnd today is another dayI wanna say now's the timeTo go our separate waysI don't know I might be wrongCould we find the strength to sayThat our love, our love's seen some better daysAnd who's to say if I had the chanceThat I'd make the choice to sayIf you ever had something that you wanted to sayYou better start talking before I go awayI wish that I could say I've been feeling okayThat I'll be bringing on the better daysBut I wouldn't feel rightKnowing I was lying to youAm I wasting all my time, will we try to make amendsI try to read between the linesBut all I see is the end