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Versuri Hank Snow - The owl and i

Artist Lyrics: Hank Snow
Lyrics for Song: The Owl And I
Lyrics for Album:
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Recorded by Hank Snow

Who-who-who (Who-who-who)
Who-who-who-who (Who-who-who-who)

A boy and girl were kissing beneath a linden tree
A lonely owl was watching a little jealously
It seemed that he was saying
I want my sweetheart too
But she's flown off with someone
I often wonder who
Who-who-who (Who-who-who-who)

The summer moon grew brighter, the owl looked down at me
He say that I was lonely, alone the same as he
He thought of his beloved
And as I thought of you
He asked the same old question
That I am asking you

The owl and I were blinking and fighting back the tears
We sat all night together like friends of many years
We both are hoping, someday
To find somebody new
Someone who'll make us happy
Another love, but who
Who-who-who (Who-who-who)
Who-who-who-who (Who-who-who-who)

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