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Versuri Hank Snow - The new blue velvet band

Artist Lyrics: Hank Snow
Lyrics for Song: The New Blue Velvet Band
Lyrics for Album:
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Written and recorded by Hank Snow

Let me tell you a sad but true story
Let it be an example to man
How I tore down the world of my sweetheart
She was known as The Blue Velvet Band

On her cheeks were the first splash of nature
Her beauty, it seemed to expand
Her golden hair hung in tresses
Tied back with a blue velvet band

But I boarded a tanker for Holland
And accused her for loving some man
Still down in my heart she kept callin'
Come back to your Blue Velvet Band

As the sea-gull flew high up above me
In the path of the still red moonlight
I saw your face and awaked, dear
Out here on the ocean tonight

I was called to the bridge by our captain
His hand held a paper of white
This message just flashed o'er the wireless
And your darlin' is dying tonight

So I boarded a freighter in Cuba
To speed me back to her side
But the bell in the old country steeple
Soon told me my sweetheart had died

Heartbroken, I knelt down and kissed her
The last time to hold her sweet hand
There still, for the ring I had bought her
On her head was a blue velvet band

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