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Versuri Hank Snow - The broken wedding ring

Artist Lyrics: Hank Snow
Lyrics for Song: The Broken Wedding Ring
Lyrics for Album:
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Recorded by Hank Snow

A cowboy with his sweetheart stood beneath a starlit sky
Tomorrow he was leaving for the lonesome prairie wide
She said "I'll be your lovingbride when you return someday"
He handed her a broken ring and to her he did say

"You'll find upon that ring sweetheart my name engraved in gold
And I shall keep the other half which bears your name you know. "
He went away to ride and toil this cowboy brave and bold
But long he stayed and while he strayed the maiden's love grew cold.

Three years had passed, he did not some, and Nell will wed tonight
Her father said an Earl would make her happy home so bright
The lights were gaily glowing as they stood there side by side
"Let's drink a toast to this young man and to his lovely bride. "

Just then there stood within the door a figure tall and slim
A handsome cowboy was their guest and slowly he walked in
"I'll drink with you a toast. " said he, and quickly in her glass
He dropped his half of wedding ring, then anxiously he watched.

She tipped her glass and from her lips a ring fell shining bright
The token she had longed to see lay there beneath the light
"Though years have been between us dear, love won our last long fight,
It's you my cowboy sweetheart and my Jack I'll wed tonight. "

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