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Versuri Hank Snow - Just across the bridge

Artist Lyrics: Hank Snow
Lyrics for Song: Just Across The Bridge Of Gold
Lyrics for Album:
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Written & Recorded by Hank Snow

As the twilight shadows deepen
Where the weeping willow waves,
All alone in tears I'm kneeling
O'er my sweetheart's lonely grave.

I am asking God's forgiveness,
For you're waiting there I know,
Out beyond that blue horizon
Just across the bridge of gold.

I regret those words I've spoken
Every yesterday of tears
That I caused you little darling
As we wandered through the years


If I'd only read your letter
Saying you were in despair
That your weary heart was broken
And in pain was lying there.


I tonight would not be weeping
O'er the roses on your grave.
But instead dear I'd be happy
And this sorrow I'd have saved.


If I only would have listened
When you told me not to stray
But I said I loved another
Left you there and went away.


Now my life is sad and lonely
Down life's path I trudge along
But I'll meet you up in heaven
When from this old world I've gone.


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