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Versuri Hank Snow - I am moving in

Artist Lyrics: Hank Snow
Lyrics for Song: I'M Movin' In
Lyrics for Album:
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Written and Recorded by Hank Snow

I'm headin' out on the rails that's been carryin' the mail
That's been tellin' your troubles to me.
You told me a lie for ev'ry cross-tie from Frisco to old Tennessee.
Nobody knew your little game;
Ev'rybody gave me the blame.

In the smoke and the fog of this old switchyard
And that dreary whistle's farewell.
Bid the folks goodbye, told 'em not to cry,
I'd only be gone for a spell.
I'm playin' in this game to win, and when I find you I'm movin' in.

Tried to make me believe I was the one that deceived,
That I drove you to the things you'd done.
Said you loved me in vain and our old love train
Had made it's final run.
And in your letter you said you were gonna be wed.

Your little joke was fine but that old bunch-a line
Didn't register with me.
So you'd better get loose from your other caboose
And meet this old S. P.
I'm speedin' in tonight; you'd better treat your daddy right.

Better get on the ball, I'm not aimin' to stall,
And those ramblers are runnin' on time.
So tell your new date that he'd better vacate,
Get out on the old main line.
I took it with a grin, but, baby, now I'm movin' in.

That big, loud bell id ringin' to tell
That the station is comin' in sight.
As the cure we're roundin' my heart is poundin'
With the thought of seein' you tonight.
It's been so dog-gone long; you know you've done your daddy wrong.

In the noise of the crowd I hear you callin' aloud,
Standin' in the station door.
You set a two-timin' pace, but I've won the race,
And you can't go roamin' no more.
Your little story was away too thin; baby, now I'm movin' in.

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