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My jacket - versuri Hamptons |

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Versuri Hamptons - My jacket

Hook (repeat twice) :
You can hold my jacket
Hold my hand girl
Don't know what love is
But I've never felt this way
You're the one, hey hey
You're the one

Verse One:
I watch you in the halls everyday
I wanna stop you girl, but I don't know what to say
And looking at you girl makes me feel crazy
My friends wanna play but aint got time for the games
They say lil Chris why you acting like this
And I don't really know why I'm acting like this
Got them butterflies in my stomach and they ready to fly
So talk wit me, oooh just walk wit me

Hook (repeat twice)

Verse Two:
Can't wait to walk you home from school
And you don't even ask cause you know I wanna do it
And if you want some candy girl lets go to the store
Get whatever you like, do you want a little more
I especially love the love notes
That you write and I can't go to sleep until I read them every night
And this feeling that I'm feelin' babe, its a natural high
And it feels good girl, you make me feel real good girl

Oooh, I never really knew what love is, until the day we had our first kiss
And now I'm gonna love you forever girl
Oooh, I know I can't say what the future is, but rest assure, I'm going to cherish this
I feel like I'm going to love you forever girl

Hook until end*

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