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Versuri Set the morgue on fire
- Haemorrhage

Night has come, It's the right time to escape
They are slept.. they will never awake
Dark Revenge.. I will destroy this place
Burn it down and run away!!.

I'll finnish this insanity
Incendiary hate inside of me
I will incinerate the dead
A part of them will never rest.

Rising flames on the mangled organs
Vile stench of the burning flesh
Roasting limbs - Carnal Crematory
Melting Skin dripping from the dead.

I hear the screams of agony
Their suffering is pleasure for me
Fire will celebrate their death
I hope they know the real pain.

Bodies explode.. violent deflagrations
Charred Remains.. Carbonized rests
I behold the Blazing Human Inferno
Praying for the souls of the dead.

Set the morgue on fire!!.

F***k you morticians, burn in your own hell
I really wish you a slow and painful death
I want destroy this sick human inferno
Reduce to ashes this temple of terror