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Versuri Morgue sweet home
- Haemorrhage

Here again.. on my cold mortuary slab
In my Anatomy theatre for the final act
At the medical scaffold.. I commence
My last clinical Opus of Revenge.

Kept alive for Dissection.

Methods of surgical brutalism
Bizarre forensic instruments pierce your skin
Phrenetic amputations - fractured bones
Without qualm festered viscera I remove.

Kept alive for Dissection.

Disembowelment - I rub the intestines on your face
Shredded abdomen - profuse gastric haemorrhage
Mangled innards - dislocated a**l tract
Nauseous Torment - Festered organs I extract.

In the morgue.. lesson on gore
You shall bleed for pathology.

Excruciating denervation of the lumbar spine
Genital laceration.. testicles I grind
Oxidized cranial auger drill your brain
Frantic mortal Convulsions.. die in pain.

Kept alive for Dissection.

Final movement - your heart beating in my hand
Live Necropsy - Morgue is not only for the dead
Mutilation - sliced arteries spurting blood
Furious Carnage - you are dismembered alive.

In the morgue.. lesson on gore
You shall bleed for pathology