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Versuri Apocalypse
- Hades Almighty

Private Apocalypse
No more tears
Are you afraid.

Devils dance their psychotic waltz
By the sound of your pumping heart
Your daemons rape your angels
Your apocalypse can start.

Like poison through your veins
You are starving.

You're heaving for your breath
Satisfy your need
Oohh face the hollow eyes of death
Private apocalypse
Tranquillised and numb.

Thorns are growing

Through your soul
A deathlike silence
Just before the storm.

All things angelic
Left for hate
Your undeniable fate.

Devils dance their psychotic waltz
Your heart is pumping faster.

Private apocalypse
Face the seven sins
The devils always win
Private apocalypse
No more tears to cry
Are you afraid to die