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Versuri Naked peekaboo
- Gym Class Heroes

trimise de MrnnglryMrnnglry.

Rainy days always had a way of making sad songs get to me
Just drinking wine with some friends of mine thinking about the House of Mystery
Then she walked on by
It must've been the???? or the water on her legs that made me say, "God damn, girl! "
She turned around with a look in her eye and asked you if you wanted to play
I wanna play some naked peekaboo
She had the devil in her eyes and God between a thousand hours on my knees
And then she hit the lights and something nasty that I couldn't believe
I knew something wasn't right when I saw the handcuffs hanging out the drawer (What are these for?)
She had whips and chains and lubricants that only God knows what for (She's a nasty girl)
This sangria must've had be seeing double 'cause I could've sworn she brought a friend
She threw me on the bed and said, "Lean back, relax, and let the games begin"
I don't remember too much after that so I guess the night must've got boring
I woke up, she was gone, but she left a driver's license, and the bitch looked just like Borgman
I wanna play some naked peekaboo (x8)