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Versuri Gwar - Slaughterama

[Sang by Sleazy P.]
With a battle cry go forth which is
"Give the people what they want. "
And what the people want could only be the senseless slaughter
of the gutter-slime that litters this nation for cash and prizes.
Yes, this is the show where people bet their lives to win something big.
Cause when your life is s***, then you haven't got much to lose on
This next geek is guilty of the following:
A Grateful Dead life for which he's been allowing.
Tried to tell us "Give peace a chance. "
Met the National Guard and he s***t in his pants.
Its not you imagination, its not a bad trippie, yes thats him -
Its the big smelly hippy!
Hello Mr. Hippy, nice to meet ya.
Hey, got a little s***t between your toes.
How's things at the ol' manure factory?
How's little Tofu? What!?
She grew another head?
Well, ya gotta lay off that LSD y'know,
kinda makes your offspring goofy-looking.
So, how do ya hide money from a hippy?
Put it under the soap.
I'm sorry but that answer wasn't in time,
you're gonna have to put your mouth on this.
Whoa! I blew your head clean off.
Good thing I was such an expert shot with the National Guard back in Penn State.
There's nothing like hippy honey.
My dad always use to take me with Lee Harvey Oswald.
All right, we're rocking now.
Worlds biggest hair,
worlds tightest pants got no circulation but you still can't dance.
Fashion is a statement and sometimes a risk.
Every fashion had its faults, but yours is the pits.
Always in black, looks like he's dead -
Here's the art-fag lying on his death-bed.
Hello Mr. Art-Fag, come on out here.
Say, what a hairdo. Its awfully big.
As big as the.. the..
the Hindenburg and it will go up just as fast if I put this lighter to it.
But no, I'm gonna hold out and ask you this question:
What ever happened to Eddie Munster?
I'm looking at him!
Oh, Oderus help the boy with his hairdo there.... ooh, its getting ripped off.
Ow, you know that's gotta hurt.
Hey, what's Oderus trying to do with his face?
Is that a face-lift?
No, he's pulling that face clean off.
Ahhhhh. Help that sod outta here..
Gave up p***, stopped to a toot.
Now you can't wait to give someone the boot.
Elbows and knuckles, all you knows how.
Follows the heard, just another cow.
Brain full of s***, boots full of lead.
Scream for him now here's the nazi skinhead.
Hello Mr. Nazi Skinhead how'ya doin'?
How's Geraldo's nose? Still broken? W
ell it's good to see ya still on the job.
Y'know when you're mugging talk show commentators in bathrooms,
always remember to draw the swastika turning to the right,
not to the left, always to the right.
Why do nazi skinheads wear red suspenders anyway? H
e doesn't have to tell you.
Time to give this nazi skinhead one more haircut,
real close to the shoulders like.
Whoa! His heads been decapitated.
Look at all that PSI in he aorta artery.
Whoa! Is he a gusher or what?
Well, ladies and gentlemen that's all for this week.
We've killed everyone worth killing, hope you do the same.
We'll Be back next week for another edition of Slaughterama.
It's full of existential despair.
It's full of people who just don't care.
Don't feel sorry for them.
They've chosen there own pathetic life.

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